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Andrew Advani MD PhD (Active Staff, Clinician Scientist [80% protected research time]).  Major research interests: Translational studies of novel therapies in diabetic complications, particularly in experimental models of diabetic nephropathy.  Mechanisms of renal injury in progressive, proteinuric kidney disease.  Role of the renal microvasculature in chronic kidney disease.  Co-investigator on several clinical trials in diabetes.  Administrative activities: include membership of the Personnel Awards Committee of the Canadian Diabetes Association and of the Research Committee of the Banting & Best Diabetes Centre.  Clinical activities: Two half-day diabetes clinics each week.

Telephone: 416-864-6060 Ext. 8413
Fax:  416 867 3696
Email: advania@smh.toronto.on.ca

Gillian Booth MD (Active Staff, Clinician Scientist [80% protected research time]; Major research interests: Models of care and health outcomes related to diabetes, with a focus on socioeconomic disparities in outcomes, and the impact of the built environment (neighborhood walkability and retail food environment) on the risk of diabetes and related diseases. Dr. Booth serves as advisor to the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System, run by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and has played leadership roles in the development of both the 2008 and 2013 Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines, as Methodology Chair. Clinical activities: Two half-day clinics each week focusing on diabetes and pituitary disease.

Telephone:  416-867-3719
Fax:  416-867-3724
E-mail: gillian.booth@utoronto.ca

Alice Cheng (Courtesy Staff, Clinician Teach).  Administrative responsibilities: Chair, Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines; Chair, Vascular Protection theme, Dissemination & Implementation committee, Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines; C0-Chair, Toronto Diabetes Association Annual Scientific Meeting

Telephone:  905-828-7622
Fax:    905-828-7769
E-mail:  chenga@smh.toronto.on.ca

Philip W. Connelly PhD
Staff Scientist, Keenan Research Centre & Director of the J. Alick Little Lipid Research Laboratory.The laboratory carries out a routine lipoprotein and apolipoprotein (apoB, apo AI,apo (a)) analyses for patients at St. Michael’s Hospital and samples referred in by hospitals in –common laboratory.  Clinical research projects currently focus on adiponectin and biomarkers for diabetes risk in collaboration with Dr. Ravi Retnakaran and biomarkers for cardiovascular disease and diabetes (eg. Adiponectin, cystatin C) in renal transplant recipients in collaboration with Dr. Ramesh Prasad. Current basic research projects include the study of red blood cell metabolism of aldehydes formed from the oxidation of fatty acids in mouse models of atherosclerosis and diabetes. The laboratory continues to maintain standardization of lipid measurements with the NHLBI-CDC Lipid Standardization Program.

Telephone:  416-864-6023
Fax:   416-864-5870
Email:  connellyp@smh.ca

Christine M. Derzko MD
  (Active Staff, Primary appointment in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology with a cross-appointment to the Division of Endocrinology) Major clinical and research interests in reproductive endocrinology & infertility particularly in the areas of menopause, osteoporosis, premature ovarian failure, sexual dysfunction.  Also appointed  to the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital Actively involved in undergraduate and resident teaching and in CME presentations and program development.  Administrative responsibilities: Member of several  committees involved in development of consensus statements notably Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada major document on Menopause & Osteoporosis (1998 & 2001)  (Senior Editor 2001) and the Expert Panel of the SOGC   and   Heart & Stoke Canada   in preparation of their joint statement on HRT and  Cardiovascular Disease. (2002)

Telephone:   416-867-7447
Fax:   416-867-3693
E-mail:  derzkoc@smh.toronto.ca

Richard Gilbert MD PhD (Active Staff, Clinician Scientist). Head, Division of Endocrinology St. Michael's Hospital, Canada Research Chair in Diabetes Complications, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto. The key objective of Dr. Gilbert’s laboratory is translational research, testing the potential efficacy of new therapeutic strategies in animal models, then progressing them to early phase clinical trials in patients.  Major disease areas of interest are diabetic nephropathy, diabetic cardiomyopathy and diabetic retinopathy suing stem cell and small molecule based-therapies.

Telephone: 416-867-3747
Fax:  416-867-3747
E-mail: richard.gilbert@utoronto.ca

Jeannette Goguen MD (Active Staff, Clinician Educator) Major administrative activities; Director of Postgraduate Programs, Department of Medicine; Endocrinology Program Director, University of Toronto; Research interests: teaching medical trainees about MD-Pharmaceutical company interactions; Assessing a QI Co-learning experience; Web-based Pituitary Patient Education

Telephone:  416-867-3714
Fax: 416-867-3724

Amir K. Hanna MD (Senior Active Staff, Clinician Teacher) Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Administrative responsibilities: Director, Diabetes Clinics. SMH.  Members, research ethics board, SMH. Member, Steering committee, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Canadian Diabetes Association, 2008-2013. Clinical research: treatment of type 2 diabetes.  CME: local & national.

Telephone:   416-867-3721
Fax:  416-867-3724
E-mail:  hannaa@smh.ca

David J A Jenkins MD PhD (Clinician Scientist) Dr Jenkins’ primary appointment is in the University of Toronto Dept of Nutritional Sciences but is geographically located at SMH.  He is the Director of the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Center at SMH.  His research area is the use of diet in the prevention and treatment of hyperlipidemia and diabetes.  He has over 300 original publications on these and related topics.  His team was the first to define and explore the concept of the glycemic index of foods and demonstrate the breadth of metabolic effects of viscous soluble fiber.  He currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Metabolism and Nutrition and has received National and International awards in recognition of his contribution to nutrition research. 

Telephone: 416-867-7475
Fax: 416-867-7495
E-mail: david.jenkins@utoronto.ca  / NutritionProject@smh.ca

R.G. Josse, MD  (Active Staff, Clinician Researcher [50% Patient Care and Teaching, 40% Research, 10% Administration]) Professor, Depts. of Medicine and Nutritional Sciences .Major administrative responsibilities:  Director, Osteoporosis Centre;  Past President, Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism.  Primary Research Interests: In two areas of Endocrinology and Metabolism: a) calcium disorders and metabolic bone disease, b) diabetes, clinical nutrition.  Grant funding is both peer and non-peer-reviewed.  Heavily involved in CME at all levels (city-wide, nationally and internationally).

Telephone:  416-867-7455
Fax: 416-867-3696
E-mail: josser@smh.toronto.on.ca

L A Leiter MD
(Active Staff, Clinical Researcher (50% Patient Care and Teaching, 40% Research, 10% Administration)). Major administrative responsibilities: Director, Lipid Clinic; Scientific Director, SMH Cardiometabolic Risk Initiative; President, Canadian Society of Endocrinology & Metabolism; Past Chair, Clinical & Scientific Section, Canadian Diabetes Association. Research interests: Large outcome studies on prevention of atherosclerosis, especially in diabetes and on Steering Committees of a number of large CV outcome studies in diabetes and lipid areas;  clinical research into control of appetite and dietary and pharmacologic treatment of dyslipidemia, obesity and diabetes and its complications.  Heavily involved in CME at regional, national and international levels.

Telephone: 416-867-7441
Fax: 416-867-3696

Dominic S. Ng MD PhD (Active Staff, Clinician Scientist (80% protected research time)) Main research activities utilize genetically modified mouse models to study the relationship between dyslipidemia, glucose and energy homeostasis as well as vascular biology pertaining to atherosclerosis, diabetes and obesity with a particular focus on high density lipoprotein metabolism. Other research activities include participating in clinical trials on lipid lowering drugs. Clinical activities include a ½ day per week attending at the Lipid Clinic and ½ day week of a private general endocrine office practice. Administrative responsibilities: Member, Canadian Diabetes Association National Research Council Executive Committee, Vice chair, Canadian Diabetes Association Peer review research committee IIB; Panel member, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Cardiovascular Disease External Advisory Panel, 2006-2013.

Telephone: 416-864-5197
Fax: 416-864-5870
Email: ngd@smh.toronto.on.ca

Leticia G. Rao, PhD  (Staff Scientist,  Associate (Adjunct) Professor  Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, 90% research). My research interests are as follows:  1. Studies on the role of stage of differentiation on hormonal action in human osteoblasts; 2. Clinical studies on the role of oxidative stress and antioxidants lycopene and polyphenols  in the development of risk for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women; 3. Effect of microgravity due to space flight on bone formation; and 4. Studies on the mechanisms of action of PTH, estrogen and the selective estrogen modulator (SERM) raloxifene and its analog on bone formation in osteoblasts cells in culture.

Telephone:  416-864-5838
Fax: 416-864-5434

Joel Ray, MD MSc
( Clinician-Scientist, 75% protected time, Main appointment Division of General Internal, with cross-appointments to the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, and the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Health Policy Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto medicine).  Clinical work includes Obstetrical Medicine, Diabetes in pregnancy, Thrombosis medicine and General Internal Medicine.  Research interests include most maternal medical disorders in pregnancy, the relationship between both ethnicity and obesity in pregnancy and adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes, as the metabolic syndrome and diabetes in pregnancy

Telephone: 416-864-6752
Email: rayj@smh.toronto.on.ca

Vladimir Vuksan, Ph.D. (Staff Research Scientist) Dr. Vuksan is the Associate Director of the Clinical Nutrition & Risk Factor Modification Centre at SMH. His focus is in clinical and epidemiological investigations of diet and dietary supplement in diabetes management and hypertension.  He is internationally recognized and awarded for his original work for exploring the area of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in developing novel multifaceted therapies for people with diabetes. Some of these include American and Korean ginseng sp., a proprietary fibre blend, ω-3 rich Salba/Chia seeds taken individually or in combination.  Epidemiological interventions focus primarily on risk factor-clustering in ethnic populations in Canada.  He has over 100 extensively cited publications in high impact journals (H factor of 35).

Telephone: 416-867-7450
E-mail: v.vuksan@utoronto.ca

Qinghua Wang MD PhD
(Staff Scientist)   Research has been focused on islet function and, in particular, to identify the factors that determine B-cell mass under physiologic conditions or in response to insulin resistance. Also interested in the intra-pancreatic hormonal regulation and how this regulation contributing to glucose homeostasis and currently investigating the mechanism of hyperglycemia-induced suppression of glucagon secretion.

Tel. (416) 864-6060 Ext.77610
Fax (416) 864-6043
E-mail: qinghua.wang@utoronto.ca

Thomas MS Wolever MD PhD (Clinician Scientist) Dr Wolever’s primary appointment is as Professor in the Dept of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, where he is geographically located.  Research interests: 1) Principal investigator of a Canadian Diabetes Association and CIHR-funded randomized, multi-centre trial investigating the effect of a low glycaemic index diet in the management of gestational diabetes.  2) Principal Investigator of a Dairy Farmers of Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada funded multi-centre trial on the effects of vitamin D supplementation on oral glucose tolerance in subjects with low vitamin D status and at risk for type 2 diabetes.  3) CIHR operating grant on the role of colonic fermentation in obesity.  Administrative responsibilities: Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Associate Editor of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Member CIHR Nutrition grant committee, Member of St Michael's Hospital REB.  Clinical work consists of one morning per week at the Lipid Clinic.

Telephone: 416- 978-5556
Email: thomas.wolever@utoronto.ca

Maria Wolfs MD, MHSc, FRCPC (Active Staff, Clinician Teacher) Major administrative duties: Postgraduate Medical Education Committee St. Michael’s Hospital; Endocrine Postgraduate Education Training Program Committee; Point-of-care testing committee St. Michael's Hospital, Chair; City-Wide Working Group - Innovations in Education and Knowledge Translation; Core Internal Medicine Academic Half-day Advisory Committee; Coordinator Postgraduate Endocrine Academic Half-day Coordinator; Bioethics Education Coordinator Research interests: Diabetes in pregnancy

Telephone: 416-867-3711
Fax: 416-867-3724

Catherine Yu, MD, MHSc (Active staff, Clinician Teacher). Education: Involved in pre-clerkship, clerkship, and post-graduate training of medical trainees, continuing professional development of health care professionals as well as interprofessional education; Administrative/Leadership: Chair of the CDA Guidelines Dissemination and Implementation Committee, Member of Division of Endocrinology CE and KT working group. Member of Department of Medicine CE and QI Committee; Research: Projects looking at the role of innovative health informatics tools in education and bevaviour change of patients and providers in chronic disease management, Knowledge translation, Interprofessional care; Consultant: Canadian Diabetes Association, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care.

Fax: 416-363-9338

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