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WebCV Temporary Offline Anouncement

WebCV will be taken offline for approximately 4 hours, on Tuesday, May 21st or Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019.

Microsoft Corp has alerted its clients to a vulnerability in earlier versions of its operating systems.  They have supplied a patch to fix the issue.  

All IT departments have been asked to apply the patch to any servers still running earlier versions of the operating systems.  For the Faculty of Medicine, this will require several applications to be taken offline for approximately 4 hours, on Tuesday, May 21st or Wednesday, May 22nd and WebCV is one of them.

Due to the urgency of the request from the University, the Faculty of Medicine will not be able to consider any delays in this necessary security update. 

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

The Department of Medicine, University of Toronto (U of T), and its partner hospitals are working to identify an alternative to WebCV. The Department of Medicine, U of T, will be continuing to use WebCV until further notice however and is currently enrolling new full-time clinical faculty members. If a faculty member is currently using WebCV they will continue to do so for the time being.

All faculty members are also directed towards the resources on the Faculty of Medicine website which include templates for the CV and the Teaching and Education Report.

The WebCV project was a Faculty of Medicine level initiative to allow faculty members to organize and manage their academic activities through a single system.

The Department of Medicine continues to provide WebCV access to all full-time faculty members with a primary appointment within the department. Part-time and adjunct clinical faculty members who are applying for senior promotion are also provided with a WebCV account.

The Department has condensed the key portions of the previous WebCV support website into the following pages:


The login page has remained the same.

For help please contact