Consultation & Faculty Support Services

The Department of Medicine (DoM) provides project and research mentorship to University of Toronto, Department of Medicine, faculty members and trainees who are engaged in quality improvement. Dr. Edward Etchells, senior faculty quality improvement advisor, and Drs. Jerome Leis and Geetha Mukerji, faculty quality improvement advisors, are available to provide mentorship on the design, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement projects. Interested faculty members should contact Christian Base, with a brief description of their project or project idea and any relevant context.

In addition to support around specific projects (available to any DoM faculty member), we also hold regular faculty mentorship meetings specifically for faculty in the clinician in quality and improvement (CQI) job description as well as select faculty in other job descriptions whose activities align with quality improvement and innovation.

Coordinated by Dr. Edward Etchells, these meetings provide a venue for networking, and cover topics related to the quality and innovation academic job description such as preparing for promotion and Continuing Faculty Appointment Review, optimizing the impact of quality and innovation activities and documenting it effectively in a creative professional activities (CPA) dossier, and advice on various aspects of scholarly quality and innovation work from topic selection to scholarly writing.

Edward Etchells portrait

Dr. Edward Etchells

Jerome Leis portrait

Dr. Jerome Leis

Geetha Mukerji portrait

Dr. Geetha Mukerji