CBD Update #3 - Elentra Essentials

Jul 23, 2019
Heather McDonald-Blumer

CBD Update #3 -  Elentra Essentials

Elentra is now available to record EPAs for our trainees. 

Tips for using the Entrustment Rating Scale

Think of “Entrustment” as being comfortable letting the resident do “x”  on his/her own, with minimal faculty/fellow supervision or input.

ENTRUSTMENT: The resident can do the assigned task at the level expected for their stage of training without requiring guidance or supervision. [Categories: Autonomy or Excellence]

As the Faculty Assessor: 

  • Complete the Global Rating Scale at the bottom of the Elentra app
  • Support your impression by including suitable comments
  • You do not need to check-off the specific milestones on the EPA checklist 

 NOT YET ENTRUSTABLE: The resident requires specific supervision or guidance to complete the task. [Categories: Intervention, Direction or Support]

As the Faculty Assessor: 

  • Milestones should be used to help identify which components of the activity are done well and which require further learning
  • Review the milestones with the resident; and
  • Indicate the level of performance on the milestone rating scale
  • Complete the Global Rating scale at the bottom of the Elentra app
  • Include specific comments to facilitate learning

Good words to start your feedback include:  

  • Next time…
  • Consider…
  • I suggest…
  • Had you thought about…
  • Because…

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