Senior Promotion

Academic promotion is a means of acknowledging and rewarding faculty who have excelled in specific aspects of the University of Toronto’s academic mission.

Senior Promotion refers to promotion to the academic ranks of associate professor and full professor. For promotion to assistant professor, see Junior Promotion.

Clinical full-time, part-time or adjunct faculty at the University of Toronto are eligible to apply for academic promotion under the University of Toronto Policy and Procedures Governing Promotions.

Academic promotion is solely awarded on the basis of academic achievement (excellence). Faculty members may be promoted on the basis of excellence in research, creative professional activity (CPA) and/or teaching.  Each candidate going forward must claim excellence in at least one category, and may claim excellence or competance in either or both of the other categories. All candidates must show evidence of competance in teaching.

Please note: Long-term service is insufficient on its own for promotion.

The Promotion Process 
Promotion Criteria

Required Documentation: The Promotion Dossier

Letters of Reference
Deadlines for Submission

Please see the Manual for Academic Promotion for further information.

Hospital Promotion Administrators



Contact Information

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Vicki Corris

416-785-2500 ext. 2073

Sinai Health System-University Health Network-Toronto Rehab Institute Mena Suh


Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Denise Campbell

416-480-6100 ext. 2007

St. Michael's Hospital Julia Stratta


Women's College Hospital Monica Khalil


Division of Emergency Medicine* Ramona Zacharias


Faculty members seeking promotion who are not affiliated with one of the five hospitals listed above should contact the University Department Promotion Committee Administrator (below) prior to all hospital submission deadlines to confirm their intention to go forward. They may then be assigned to one of the above hospital administrators.

*Faculty in the Division of Emergency Medicine should contact Ramona Zacharias in conjunction with their hospital administrator.

University Department Promotion Committee Administrator


Contact Information

Lilian Belknap


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